Fa La la la la llamas?

When Pegi Cope's clients, Tonya and David, moved to Portland from California, they had never heard of the Peacock Lane phenomenon.  Like most home buyers, they spent  time "doing their homework" learning about different Portland neighborhoods.  Tonya recalls, "We had narrowed down our search somewhat, and when Pegi showed us the home, I was smitten!  It needed some work, but I could see the potential.  I really love renovating homes that just need a little love (and elbow grease) to get them to their fullest potential!"

When you purchased, what kind of info were you told as to what you are expected to do for a holiday display?

Pegi told us about the Christmas festivities when she first showed us the home, and we were excited about the opportunity be part of the tradition!  When people hear about where we live, we commonly get questions about rules for holiday decorating, but there are actually no requirements.  I think most of the residents participate because they love the tradition, and everyone is supportive with helping each other when it comes to set up and planning. We were told we would "get a pass" if we wanted to do just the minimal the first year, but we actually took this as a challenge and went all out!

Can you decorate however you want ?

When we moved in, there were actually tons of lights already on the house (and fences, and bushes and trees)...however, since we wanted to "start from scratch" with our own light plan we removed the lights, and reinstalled them (and more of our own) in early December.   Each house on the street seems to have its own "theme".  Some whimsical, some traditional, some over-the-top.  We definitely wanted to do something new and different, and mulled over a few ideas before settling on the "FA LA LA LA LLAMA" theme!  

How has your family’s life changed by being a part of this Portland holiday tradition?

While working on the Christmas display, we met many nice neighbors who were very welcoming.  I've also gained lots of followers and made new friends through Instagram, where I have a page dedicated to the renovation of our home.

You can find Tonya on Instagram @MeanwhileAtTheCottage

A Portland Holiday Tradition!

Since 1932, each house in the Peacock Lane neighborhood has been decorated for the holidays. In 2017, it was added to the National Register of Historic Places.

Thousands of people visit Peacock Lane each holiday season.



What a great time we all had hang'n with Santa!

How many of you asked Santa for a new home for Christmas this year?  The Cris E. Hill Team can help with that!


Fall client event at The Plumper pumpkin patch!


Thanks for coming!



Good Times at Unger Farms!

We all had fun picking blueberries and eating homemade strawberry shortcake at our Client Appreciation Event at Unger Farms in Cornelius!  Clients took home reusable buckets after berry picking.  We will definitely do this event again next year!!!

flags on the fourth!

Pegi and John put dozens of flags out & celebrated in their neighborhoods!

The cris E. Hill Team loves moms!

John Madding delivered dozens of geraniums to clients and their moms in honor of Mother's Day!

John Madding delivering geraniums

Mom's also received a $10 credit voucher to Cornell Farms Nursery

John's "delivery truck" was full!


Thanks to everyone who "ordered" geraniums from us this year!  As usual, Cornell Farms was awesome to work with !!!




Throughout the year we put on various events for our clients, their friends and family. We would love to have you join us for one of our fabulous, fun-filled events!



Congratulations to Jim Spitz, Hayley Drimmel and Christi Halsey, our 2019 March Madness Winners!  All 3 won AMAZON gift cards from The Cris E. Hill Team!



We delivered on several dozen FREE PIZZAS on Super Bowl Sunday.  Get yours next year!



John Madding and Pegi Cope delivered complimentary gift boxed geraniums to about 70 moms in honor of Mother's Day!



Thanks to everyone who came out to hang with Santa and The Cris E. Hill Team last Christmas.

The pictures with all the kids are priceless!  



We loved seeing everyone at 

The Plumper Pumpkin Patch in early October!  See you next year!


Meet the Eriksons

It took some time for my husband, David, and I to have our "home" together--even after purchasing our house with the help of the Cris Hill Team in 2012, we lived apart for several years because of jobs in different states. However, David was able to move to Portland from San Francisco in 2014, and our son, Connor, arrived in 2015. 

Throughout these years, we have been grateful for the relationship we've formed with the Cris Hill Team. They have been organizing numerous celebrations and fun events for families each year (for example, Mother's Day at Cornell Farm, Pumpkin Patch at Lakeview Farms, photos with Santa for Christmas) and we have been fortunate to take part in many of them. 

In addition to the events which feature activities and food, the Team also sends birthday cards (with Starbucks gift cards) and family photos to let us know they appreciate having us as both clients and friends. David and I do not have family nearby--David's family is in New Jersey and mine is in Korea--and we visit our families only once per year.  Participating in the events offered by the Team have become our traditions.  Thanks to the Cris Hill Team, we have been creating many fun memories and have gained a sense of what it is like to have family in such a welcoming community. THANK YOU!

Thank you, Erikson Family!  That's exactly who we want to be...the family you choose to spend time with!

David, Connor, and and Hyeyoung Erikson at our Mother's Day Event at Cornell Farms Nursery
David, Connor, and and Hyeyoung Erikson at our Mother's Day Event at Cornell Farms Nursery

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'Twas a very Merry Christmas!

Santa Came to Visit!

Thanks to all our wonderful clients who gave up their Saturday to come take pictures with Santa and The Cris E. Hill Team on December 1st.  We had private time with Santa and Mrs. Claus before the mall opened so no one had to wait in long lines for their family photos.  We had coffee and muffins waiting, along with goody bags for the kids!  It was a great way to kick off the Christmas season.  We'd love to see you there next year if you missed it! 

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